Muhammad Jebril

Mohamed Essayid Hasanine Jibril alias Sheikh Muhammad Jebril is a great gentleman of religion, a well-known imam plus a clergyman from Egypt. The great Sheikh Muhammad Jebril lived all his infantile and adolescence in the named town Tayouria situated in the center of Shebine Al Qanatir. Plus more exactly in the Governorate of Qalyoubiya in Egypt, his innate country.
He learned Koran through the age of 9. More than once, Sheikh Jebril won the Egyptian plus international competitions of Koran recital. He was called as Imam of the well-known mosque Amr Ibn Al’Ass in Cairo at 1988. Every year, thousands of persons rush toward the mosque during Ramadan to join the Tarawih prayers that are led by him. Sheikh Muhammad Jebril is, moreover, a University professor in Jordan. He has sufficiently of complete recitals of Koran.
The great Sheik Muhammad Jebril lived in a sacred atmosphere. So, he learned and remembered the Holy Quran. Additional to that, the great Sheikh Muhammad Jebril won a contest of learning and “Tajwide” of the Holy Quran, in Egypt, plus the same competitions in other states like Saudi Arabia. While knowing that his age did not pass 9 years. An impressed young age.
He studied at Al-Azhar University plus received a B.A in Sharia plus Law; he also went to the University of Jordan plus worked as a lecturer. As well as author of several religious program for the Jordanian television.
Several years later, The great Sheikh Muhammad Jebril follow his superior plus secondary education plus picked up a Bachelor’s degree through good mention in Chariâ, law plus Islamic studies in Al Azhar’s university.
Since the year 1988, Sheikh Muhammad Jebril was called an imam plus a clergyman of the Tarawihs to the famed mosque Ala’s Amrou Bin in Egypt. Simultaneously, the Sheikh Muhammad Jebril functioned as presenter of numerous television programs, as the Jordanian plus Egyptian channel. Like the subsequent ones: Arrahmane 3alama Al Qura’ n, Aya wa Dou3a, Ahbabe Allah… Plus others.
In his private life, the Sheikh Muhammad Jebril relishes a beautiful family life. Indeed, he is wedded and father of three kids: Sara, Amrou, and Youssef.
The great Sheikh Muhammad Jebril partaken in an excellent sacred education, by teaching his students the Corna at the Jordanian school. Then after this short-term professional success, he was designated a supervisor of the Islamic Global Center of the Koran sciences Cairo which takes the term of Oubay Bin Ka’b house.
Since 1988 plus during the holy month of Ramadan, Shaykh Jebril has controlled the Tarawih prayers at the Amru Ibnu Aass masjid in Egypt. He was also appointed as supervisor of the founding of the Global Islamic Center of Quranic Sciences in Cairo.
To conclude, Shaykh Jebreel has a quantity prominent TV shows aired on various Egyptian Channels for example Verses and Prayers, Allah’s loved ones, in adding to footages of his recitation of the Quran.

The Minister of Legacies, Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa, formally announced the forbidding of Sheikh Muhammad Jebril from preaching. Jebril prayed that God would “penalize the tyrant front-runners whose commands refute the divine orders,”

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