Muhammad Jebril Quran Reciter

Mohammad Essayid Husanaine Jebril (AKA Sheikh Muhammad Jebril) is one of the most honored Imams of Egypt. He belonged to Tayouria, situated in the centre of Shebine Al Qanatir. Sheikh had a happy life, having 3 children – Sara, Amrou, Youssef.

Muhammad Jebril learned Quran at the age of 9. Among well-known reciter(s), he won international competitions. At the same age, Sheikh Muhammad Jebril also won various competitions of learning and Tajwid-e-Quran, including contests held in Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Muhammad Jebril studied at the University of Al-Azhar and completed his BA degree(s) in Sharia and Law.

Sheikh Muhammad Jebril performed duties as Imam at the mosque Amr Ibn Al’Ass in Cairo. In the University of Jorden, Sheikh also performed duties as Professor.

In addition to the Sheikh’s mentioned achievements, Sheikh authored religious programs for the Jordian Television, and worked at other channels including Arrahmane Alama Al Quran, Aya wa Douea, and Ahbabe Allah. He also has a number of TV shows under his belt, including Verses and Prayers and Allah’s loved ones.

Sheikh Muhammad Jebril had been maintaining the title of Imam since 1988. Besides his teaching career, Sheikh was appointed as Supervisor of the Islamic Global Center of the Quran Science, Cairo.


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