Abdul Rahman Alsudaes

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Alsudaes is perhaps one of the most widespread Islamic personality of the Muslim Ummah. And almost everybody Believer recognizes plus love his beautiful voice. Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Sudais is the Principal Imam plus Khateeb of Masjid Al Haram in Makkah. He furthermore is the Leader of the General Presidency for Affairs of the Two Blessed Mosques (GPH), which creates him a minister.


Sheikh Sudais was born in 1961 in the City of Qassim, Saudi Arabia. He had his initial education in Riyadh. Plus by the age of 12 he had learned the entire Quran under the management of Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Firyan . His communal and tutors were surprised to hear him narrating in a exclusive and attractive way, no one perceived in a long time.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Alsudaes graduated from Faculty of Sharia in 1982. Accomplished his final year of Studies from Umm Al Qura School in Makkah. and received a PHD Degree in Sharia in 1995

He was selected Imam of Masjid Al Haram in 1984, on a very young age of 22. He is one of the high-ranking teachers in the dept of Sharia of Umm Al Qura School

Since then Sheikh Abdul Rahman Alsudaes has been foremost Taraweeh every year plus in 2015. he accomplished his 35th time of finishing the Quran plus reading the Khatam ul Quran Dua.

In 2012, he was selected as the President of General Presidency for the Affair of the Haramain.  Just beforehand the Grand Development started in Masjid Al Haram

Sheikh Sudais is presently looking afterward the development of the development in both Mosque in Makkah and Madinah. As the Extension in Masjid Al Haram reaches its completion

In 1404H, Abdul Rahman Alsudaes was selected imam plus khateeb of the Grand Mosque.

In 1408H he obtained his master’s degree from Imam bin Saud Islamic School in Riyadh. He worked as a professor on the College of Shariah into Umm Al-Qura School. which rewarded him a Ph.D. degree in 1416H.

He moved on to being assistant teacher at the respected Umm al Qura School, Makkah. wherever he got his Doctorate, again grading `Outstanding` in the year 1416. He was afterward selected Lecturer in the Shariah school of The Um al Qura University.
Sheikh Al-Sudais used to convey lectures on numerous Islamic subjects. for example Islamic faith, jurisprudence, Qur’an comment plus Hadith at the Majestic Mosque. He furthermore gave Islamic rulings on numerous issues offered by pilgrims through the Haj season.
Abdul Rahman Alsudaes has provided several lectures inside plus outside the Realm. During the previous two years he visited Malaysia India, Pakistan, and Britain. He has issued several study papers on many topics counting a message toward Muslim women.
Last year, Al-Sudais visited the Advanced Institution for  Islamic Studies in Malaysia. wherever he gave a lecture on Islamic evolution in the background of modern challenges. He said Islam was fronting challenges from inside and outside the Muslim communal.

The Qari has also toured all over the world toward revive the spirit of Muslims. Rewards such as “Islamic Persona of the Year” has been reward to As Sudais. As well as many Muslims love his emotional recitations.

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