Ibrahim Al Akhdar

Ibrahim Al Akhdar, otherwise Ibrahim Ibn Al Akhdar Al Kayim, is a famed Holy Quran reciter over the Muslim World. He furthermore represents an excessive imam and exceptional social character. The Great Allah has given him an astonishing voice that has an exclusive and exceptional coherence in it. Ibrahim Al Akhdar was born in 1364 in Al Medina in Saudi Arabia.

The decent Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar started plus finished his primary as well as secondary schooling by great success. in his native urban “Medina” in the Quranic university of Dar Al hadith, then ‘Annajah’, as well as then the technical institute.

Late on, he attended the engineering school which a famous high school in the area. Concerning learning plus memorizing the Blessed Quran, the divine book of God. he finished it throughout his secondary school. He was administered by the excessive Sheikhs Abdu Allah Al Gounaimane, Ahmed Azayat, Omar Al Haydari.

Ibrahim Al Akhdar also chased other studies for example Al Fiqh, Al Aqida, Al Shari’a, plus even languages.

The noble Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar occupied numerous positions. for example instructor of learning the Divine Quran at Abi Ben Kaab University in Medina City. teacher in the industrial edification. and let’s not overlook that he was an imam on the great mosque of Al Medina in Saudi Arabia. Lastly, he has been credited the position of a teacher assistant at the Islamic school. while he was still a beginner at the Islamic scientific institution.

Since he started his job as a brilliant imam, the noble Ibrahim Al Akhdar became well-known in great famed mosques in his state. As a matter of detail, since the year 1406 of Al Hegira. Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar choosen to devote himself to be single imam the divine mosque of the diviner Mohammed (PBUH) in Medina.

The noble sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar has an actual active sociable life. Certainly, he is a main associate of many social plus dynamic Islamic groups. Among those groups there are: The generous organization for societal services. and local re-free group of the international contest of the Tajweed of the Holy Quran. He is furthermore a well-known figure in Holy Quran learning association, wherever most contests take place.

In positions of his private life, the noble Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar lives a peaceable life. He is a husband plus father. To summarize, Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar has planned numerous meetings and provided valuable participations in Saudi television channels. He furthermore produced a large amount of audio tapes that contained superb Quranic recitals.

Ibrahim Al Akhdar functioned as teacher in Abi Ben Kaab College for memorizing Qur’an in the Madina Munawara. And then controlled prayers as imam in the Divine Mosque of Jeddah. He was moreover hired as teacher in the Holy Qur’an Faculty. He moreover taught in the Scientific Institution of Islamic Call pertinent to the Imam College.

Cheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar attended numerous Television plus Radio programs. as well as gave lectures in numerous scientific meetings. His recitals discography is existing in many Islamic archives all over the world.

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