Jamal Shaker Abdullah Quran Reciter

The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah, sacred and justice man, is a well-known imam plus a clergyman from Jordanian. He is a famed reciter of the Divine Quran in Jordan, known over all the Moslem Arabic peninsula. The excessive Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah was born into 1978 in Zarqa, who spreads oriental environs of Amman till the Saudi edge.

Lately, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah chairs Imama plus preaching of the well-known mosque Oum Al Mouminine’s in Jordan.
Since his earliest age, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah trailed the sacred who his families chose beforehand him. Certainly, he is from a family which provide importance to the science plus the religion.

At an actual young age of ten years, he started his primary studies in Koranic school, which he follows his teachings in the mosque Omar Ibn Al Khattab.in this instant there, that he completed the learning plus the memorization of the Divine Quran, God Allah’s book, as said by Riwayat Hafs de Assim. Several years later, while the young Jamal Shaker Abdullah reaches the stage of thirteen years, he offered his first recital of the Holy Quran, ahead of the Sheikh Mahmoud Idriss.

Five years far along, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah was called an imam plus a clergyman in the mosque Assafarini into Zerqa. And, however knowing that his age did not go beyond eighteen years. So, very fast, the young Sheikh obtains some experience, when he was below the supervision of great educated Muslims.

Henceforth, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah decided toward deepen his knowledge on the Islamic science. Certainly, he began directly after his choice, the study of the rule of the Islamic belief (In Arabic language Chariâ), plus, by incorporating the school of Jordan. He passed two years of his life, he recognized what he wanted.

Hence, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah chased his educations on Islamic Chariâ at the Islamic school of the city of Medina. He has had toward leave his nation to realize his desires. But, this era of his life, brings him help, since he was capable to learn again the Divine Quran.

The last phase which he had toward cross in Saudi Arabia, was to get the degree of the Islamic school in Medina. Certainly, as his prospects predicted him (he got this degree with outstanding mention regarding the attitude, the instance, and the faultless holding. Thus, The great Sheikj Jamal Shaker Abdullah joined his state, Jordan. Above there, he combined a new school (The Jordanian school of Amman) to finish lastly his higher edification and make a Master’s degree in the specialty of Fiqh Islamiq.

Henceforth, the great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah decided toward immigrate in the United States wherever he became a real celeb for the Moslem communal over there. Certainly, he was called imam of numerous mosques similar the mosque of Qassam in Florida. Simultaneously, this young Sheikh provides courses around Chariâ, and Tajwide of the Holy Quran, plus his meaning (Tafsir El Kour’an) in wish of the Moslem communal in America.


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