The Mathematical Miracle of the Holy Quran

The Mathematical Miracle of the Holy Quran

Although the code was initially discovered by examining the events of the Qur’anic beginnings in the early chapters of the Qur’an, there are several very complex parameters of this code. Here is a shortlist of some of them:

  1. The Quran has 114 chapters, or 19 x 6.
  2. The total number of verses in the Quran is 6346, or 19 x 334.
  3. Then you add the 30 different numbers mentioned in the text of the Qur’an (i.e., one God, two brothers, etc.). The total is 162146 or 19 x 8534.
  4. The first statement in the Qur’an, “In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate,” consists of 19 Arabic letters. Known as Bismillah, it offers every chapter except Chapter 9.
  5. Although missing from a chapter from, but exactly 19 chapters later occur twice in Bismillah. This statement of Chapter 27 is in its beginning and verse 30. From this, the total number of Bismillah in the Holy Quran is 114, or 19 x 6.
  6. Since there are 19 chapters between the missing bismillah and the extra one, the sum of these chapter numbers is multiplied by 19. (The sum of 19 consecutive numbers is a multiple of 19.) But the total is 342. The exact number of words between the two events of Bismala in Chapter 27 is also the exact number. This number is 342, is 19 x 18.
  7. Each word in Bismillah is found several times throughout the Qur’an, which is a multiple of 19.
  8. The first revelation that was given to the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, was 19 words.
  9. The total number of letters in the 19 words of the first revelation is 76, 19 x 4.
  10. Although it was the first revelation, these verses were placed at the beginning of Chapter 96. This chapter is at the top of the last 19 chapters.
  11. Chapter 96 consists of 304 Arabic letters, or 19 x 16.
  12. The last chapter revealed (Chapter 110) has 19 words, and its first verse has 19 letters.
  13. The name of God in Arabic, ‘Allah’, appears 2698 times or 19 x 142 in the Quran.
  14. If you add the number of verses where ‘Allah’ occurs, the total is 118123 or 19 x 6217.
  15. The basic message in the Qur’an is that there is only one God. The number ‘one’ used to refer to this concept of one God is 19.
  16. The word “Qur’an” is found in 38 different chapters, or 19 x 2.
  17. The total number mentioned in the Qur’an is 57, 19 x 3.
  18. Of the 114 chapters of the Qur’an, 29 of them begin with the Qur’anic beginnings in question. There are 38 uninterrupted chapters, or 19 x 2, connected between the first chapter and the last chapter.
  19. In the same group of chapters, chapters 2 through chapters 68 to 68, there are 19 alternate sets of initial and non-starting chapters.
  20. The total number of verses forming this group of chapters is 5263, 19 x 277.
  21. Within this group of chapters, there are also 2641 instances of the word ‘Allah,’ or 19 x 139. Of course, this word’s presence outside of this group is 57, or 19 x 4.
  22. If you include the chapters and verse numbers of Allah’s 57 events outside the opening section, the total is 2432 or 19 x 128.
  23. Many discoveries are being made with the number of chapters and verses. Many of them are complex and interconnected. For these discoveries, it is easy to make you realize: If you add the number of verses of the Qur’an in addition to the numbers assigned to all the chapters, the total number of verses of the Quran, 346199 or 19 x 19 x 959.
  24. If you look at the beginning chapters separately and add the chapter number, verse number, and several verses, the total is 190133, 19 x 10007. Of course, this is followed by a collection of chapters, 156066 without participation, also divided by 19.

There are many more discoveries, most of which are far more complex than offered. Additional discoveries are being made as Dr. Khalifa’s work has been left behind by several students of the Holy Qur’an.

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