Yasser Al Dosari Holy Quran Reciter

Yasser Bin Rashed Bin Hassine Al Dossari (AKA Yasser Al Dossari) is a famous Saudi Sheikh, Imam, and reciter of the Holy Quran at national/international level.

Yasser Al Dossari is currently fulfilling his duties at the mosque of Dakhil in Ryad, Saudi Arabia. As a reciter, Yasser Al Dossari’s melodious voice attracts a big number of religious followers.

Yasser Al Dossari did his high school diploma in the faculty of Charia, Ryad. Nowadays, Yasser Al Dossari is aiming at finishing his higher teaching in the Islamic faculty of Imam Mohammad Bin Saoud.

Yasser Al Dossari is also a member of the Saudi Association of Saint Coran. His religious activities bless him better serve religious followers.

Yasser Al Dossari finished Hifz-e-Quran at the age of 15. Yasser’s recitation was acknowledged by religious experts in the field, including Sheikh Bakri Tarabshi and Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar. He also produced audio tapes of Taraweeh Prayer.

Yasser Al Dossari as Imam performed his duties in different mosques. One of the mosques was Dakhil mosque of Riyadh, where he led people as Imam. He also offered prayers in different countries, such as UAE, Egypt, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

Yasser Al Dossari performed as a speaker in different TV/Radio channels and conferences. He also performed duties as the member of the King Saud University. Collectively, Yasser’s achievements led him become the honorable figure of religious community.


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