Khalid Abdulkafi Quran Reciter

The sheikh as well as the Quran reader “Khalid Abdulkafi Maqboul” is measured one of the most astonishing Saudi Imams plus preachers. He was born into Mecca in the hijri year 1391, plus he is presently working as an Imam plus a preacher in “Al Ka’aki” masjid in Jeddah. He is also the maker of the project”Al Quran Laka” which mean “The Quran for you”.

Sheikh Khalid Abdulkafi, had the capability to totally memorize the divine Quran at an initial age. He was escorted in his starts through Sheikh Dr. Adnan Saleh Al Habashy. who was his counsellor and his educator and from whom he learned the “fundamentals of Tajweed”. and the precise Quran reading approaches in “Rahmat Al Mouaeminin” mosque through attending the Quran memorizing courses plus meetings.

While Sheikh Khalid Abdulkafi was ten years old, his reading aptitude was proficient by Sheikh Ahmed Al Masri. He is presently reading the divine Quran below Sheikh Muhammad Mousa Al Sharif’s management. so as to acquire a Quranic “Ijaza” otherwise certification.

Sheikh Abdulkafi was an actual special and exclusive Quran reader from his childhood. and he was extensively influenced through numerous famed Quran readers. He prayed the “Tahajud” plus “Taraweeh” prayer in “Rahmat Al Mouaeminin” masjid. in which he educated the Quran and its disciplines as a learner in the secondary school. while his age was fewer than twenty years old. Afterward that, he moved among many other mosques beforehand settling in “Aisha Al Ka’aki” masjid. wherever he works as an Imam plus a preacher from 1429 Hijri.

Sheikh Khalid Abdulkafi was trusted with a quantity of other purposes and tasks. He is a school educator in “Al Faysalia” institute for the talented students. he oversees a program that makes the Imams plus the preachers for the upcoming. and he is also in charge of “Dar Al Khouloud” institute for the divine Quran memorization. He is moreover a board associate “Al Ihssan” association for human care. Furthermore, he is the creator of the “Quran for you” scheme which is the first of its kinds. this scheme plays a vast role in the addition of the holy Quran in the youths’ lives. and the scheme is targeting to extent a million young men plus women to frequently read the divine Quran.

Sheikh Khalid Abdulkafi has numerous audio and video footages and publications, counting numerous speeches, Quranic recitals and prayers “Du’aa”. most particularly the “Quran closing Du’aa”, plus the “Du’aa for the Egyptians in their difficulty” in the year of 1432. Also that, he delivered numerous lectures inside plus outside Saudi Arabia, for example his speech at the Benelux competition of Quran memorizing and reading in the Netherland in 1435 Hijr. as well as his lecture around the biography of our prophet’s friend Saad Ibnu Abi Waqas. He also partaken in numerous radio and TV programs similar “Ahl Al Quran” package on the “Alf Alf” radio. plus the “Yawm Jadid” package on “Al Majd” TV channel.

From his last periodicals, there is a Khutbah called “Islah Dat Al Bayn” otherwise “Mending fences”. plus another one named “the affection between the spouses”.

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