Ahmed Saber

Sheikh Ahmed Saber is presently considered as one of the finest Quran readers and Imams in Egypt. He was born in an actual religious family, which was intensely influenced by the guidelines of the blessed Quran, its styles and its educations. His grandfather was the village’s Sheikh plus he was teaching the Quran plus its sciences to the youths, he spent his entire life worshiping the enormous Allah and teaching the developing generations the Quran till he passed away at the era of a hundred and twenty years.

Sheikh Ahmed Saber’s association with the Quran initiated at an early age, as he used to go to his granddad’s village each summer. He and his siblings used toward gather around his granddad in order to memorize the blessed Quran and to learn the fundamentals and the instructions of the Quranic recital.

As time went through, Sheikh Ahmed Saber started toward show his concern towards the divine Quran. And as an outcome of his good presentation and his mastery of the Quranic recital rules, he was capable to draw the courtesy of his teachers. At the phase of 8 years old, his teachers were continually asking him to narrate the holy Quran in front of them plus the students. As they used to meet around him and listen cautiously to his genuine recitation. Moreover that, Ahmad Saber used to narrate the Quran plus the holy “Hadeeth” at his university’s radio.

Ahmed Saber memorized the divine Quran at the era of twelve years old, plus he was pointedly affected by it plus by its contents till he made it his lifestyle. Furthermore, Ahmed Saber has numerous footages of the Quran, most particularly his recitation as said by Hafs Aen Assem’s technique of recitation.

The great Sheikh Ahmed Saber is a well-known imam, clergyman as well as famous reciter of the Divine Quran, holy book of God Allah. He is from Egypt.

Presently, the great Sheikh Ahmed Saber is the imam of the large mosque Al Houda, in Egypt.

By his unbelievable psalmody and his strange voice, the great Sheik Ahmed Saber achieved to give to an entire Oumma the confidence and the faith. By attending to him, we forget the domain and all his difficulties.

Indeed, the great Sheikh Ahmed Saber recorded many tapes comprising his Koranic recitals. and organized jalassates treating exciting subjects around the Islamic sciences, the Moslem belief generally.

TV channels, radio stations plus numerous web sites, proffer to the listener plus the authentic Muslim, the option of enjoying the production of the great Sheikh Ahmed Saber.

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