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In the name of Allah, the most gracious and most merciful. We are honored to host such an amazing project that brings you close to Allah’s most sacred book, “The Quran.” We have developed a great and biggest Holy Quran website that will keep the Quran always with you, and you can read it or listen to it anytime.

Being Muslim, it’s our utmost duty and the reason for our creation to obey Allah and his commands. There is nothing prior to the Duties assigned to us from Our Lord. However, out of His mercy, he bestowed us with a magnificent Quran Al Kareem. Therefore it’s an obligation for a Muslim to read it whenever he is free. 

Unfortunately, and out of negligence, we departed ourselves from the book of Allah. Despite the fact that it’s not a hard and fast rule to read the Quran at a specific time or specific place. However, we can read it any time and in almost any condition except few prohibited conditions. Our beloved Prophet uses to recite its verses while lying on the lap of the mother of believers Ayesha (R.A.). You can also read, memorize, and revise or ponder upon it while listening to other reciters whenever you are free.

We are here to bring the best website to provide you a versatile platform, and it’s a one-stop point. You can get here many reciters recordings for free. Besides, you can also choose the language as we are working on it. 

Here I am giving you a quick review and key features of the website.

Main Features Of

Multiple Languages:

We have worked really hard to collect data from all possible languages, so communication becomes much easier. It’s not necessary to know a specific language to benefit from this site. You can choose your medium of communication, whether it’s URDU, English. Arabic, Albanian, French, or any other. Quran is a book for humanity, and it’s our aim to provide an effective medium to spread the word of Allah. Up till now, we have 52 languages format for downloading the Quran text.

Famous Reciters compilation:

We have collected data from almost all famous reciters that will let you listen to whoever you like. It’s not only a matter of personal choice but a great help for Hufaz (memorizing Quran) also for reciters. Even if you are not specifically a student of the Quran, it will still help you read Quran with perfect dialects. 

Quality and Authenticity:

TrueMuslims Team tried the best to come up with an error less software to download. It’s available in MP3, and you can download it on your P.C. or laptop. It will play with windows media player, or you can save files in your P.C./laptop and then play with MP3 Quran. We strive hard to remove all possible drawbacks and errors, but if you find, make sure to send us your feedback on the given section. Our prompt team will work on it to remove the error and improve accordingly.

Free download Islamic Software:

We have added thumbnails to download various Islamic software for free. In the digital world, everything has a shortcut, and we provide you the platform to get these all software that will help you in dealing with the Quran. No matter you are a teacher or student, this software is your must-have tools.

Smart Mobile Application:

TrueMuslims dot Net offers 100% free Quran mobile application for the end-user. The smart mobile application can download from google play, Apple Store, and Windows store. Below are the links to download applications and listen Quran on mobile.

In Quran mobile application, fifty-five Quran reciters and fifty-two different Quran languages available to download. Azan alarm is also available in Mobile applications.

Quran Android Application
Quran iOS Application
Quran Windows Application

I hope that this deed will get accepted By Allah.


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