Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar

Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar is a well-known reciter plus imam from the Saudi Arabia. He first rose to fame in Jeddah as an Imam as well as a reciter through the Ramadan Qur’an Recital nights.

He managed toward learn the Holy Quran since an actual early age. Meanwhile then, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar involved himself in learning till he earned a bachelor’s degree.

Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar was born on 9th of the month Dhou al qi`da of the year 1381 in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Amongst these potentials and skills, the detail that Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar learned plus memorized the Holy Qur’an from his initial years. Meanwhile then, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar persisted in the studies till he obtained the certificate. which was given to him by the Sheikh. the excessive Mouqri ‘Ayman Rouchdi Sawite, in 1407 Hegira. Then, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar reserved his bachelor’s degree. whose field is the Islamic disciplines of the King Abd el Aziz School in Jeddah in 1406 of the Hegira.

Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar was a master of the School of Cahiâ in Saudi Arabia, whose division is focused in El-fikh plus El-oussoul. from Umm Qur’a School in Mecca “El Moukaram” of the year 1412 Hegira. Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar then accomplished his doctorate at the similar University of Chairia, in Fikh field. seven years afterward his master’s degree, that is to say through the year 1419 Hegira. Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar furthermore practices in Jeddah court.

Then came his voyage as an imam. Certainly, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar converted a few years later imam plus Khatib of the mosque called Mansour El Chaabi in Jeddah. Following this short-term passageway of his life, the Islamic establishments awarded him a certificate of Imam plus Khatib. To grow his associative action, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar decided to convert a member of the union specializing in education at the University of King Abdel Aziz.

He became secretary general of the domain organization and worldwide Learning League of the Blessed Quran (Tahfidh El Kor’an).  Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar has written numerous Islamic booklets trade with numerous important themes. such as reflections plus meditation on Al-Fatihah on Surat El Bakara, light on the managing of the Koran, over the signs of Surat Yusuf, plus Other small flyers.

The great Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar was the teacher of numerous youths. And has now convert among one of the utmost religious males like Sheikh Sahl Yassin. Who is an imam at the Prince Soultan mosque, plus the Sheikh Haytham Asta, imam plus reciter at the Byoutat Mosque.

The great Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar donated to his abilities in Ndjamena in Tchad.

First of all, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar redrafted the Quran four times below the supervision of Allah. and the communal that fulfills the following responsibilities.

The association of charity concerning the Holy Quran memorization on the governorate of Jedda. Radio Area of Saudi Arabia on the governorate of jedda. The memorization of the Holy Quran package by the international Islamic group. The King Fahd’s compound for the Holy Quran’s imprint in the “El Mounawara” town in 1419 of hegira.

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