Hani Ar-rifai

Sheikh Hani Ar-rifai was born in 1974 in the town of Jeddah, in the Realm of Saudi Arabia. The reciter has 5 children (two boys plus three girls), he is presently the Imam as well as the Khateeb of Anani’s mosque in Jeddah. He is famous for his unique voice filled by emotions in addition to that entice a number of believers toward listen to his recitations of the blessed book.
The Sheikh grew amongst a conservative family that conferred much prominence to the education of the Quran. He had ample respect for his parents plus older brothers and sisters, who aided as role models for him. Through the age of 12, Sheikh Hani Ar-rifai has educated all the stanzas of the blessed book.
Throughout his learning of Quran, the sheikh has met other famous sheikhs such as Sheikh Ali Jaber , Sheikh Muhammad Ibnu Abdu Rahim Achichin, and Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf.
He focused in Islamic Studies in King Abdulalaziz School and studied at the hands of the finest scholars and sheikhs for example Sheikh Al-alama Abullah Ibnu Bayyah, Sheikh Khaldoun Al-Ahdab plus Sheikh Ali Jaber.
Furthermore, Sheikh Hani Ar-rifai was chosen a special reciter of the Quran in the regal court through the Saudi Ministry of Principles and Information. He was furthermore chosen to be the private reciter of King Fahd Ibnu Abdelaziz Al-Saud meanwhile 1998 till his death.
From 1998 till 2002, the sheikh functioned as a teacher of Islamic Studies in diverse public schools in Saudi Arabia. He was then selected the director of the lawful affairs of King Faysal’s clinic and the Investigation Center in Jeddah.
Furthermore, Sheikh Hani Ar-rifai partaken in numerous sacred shows reciting verses of the blessed book otherwise giving advice. He was aired in different channels for example “Alfaj”, “Almajd” “Iqra”, or “Ashariqa”.
His recitation of the Quran was recorded and is accessible in different websites. He also wrote plus published diverse works for example “Healing the sick by the holy Quran” and other works to bring more visions about the religion.
Sheikh Hani Ar-rifai is the Imam (prayer leader) of Masque Anani in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He has very lovely and exclusive voice. His Quran recitals filled with lots of cries and emotions really entice the minds.
Amazing recital by Shiekh Hani Ar-Rifai of Surah Al Fajr. He gets very expressive and shaken up. May Allah also aid us attain such takwa as well as enjoy the peacetime they enjoy.

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