Going towards the straight path

an-introduction-to-the-ulum-al-quran-science-of-the-quranFor Muslims as well as non-Muslims, the Quran is the only book to step towards the straight path told by God. This is the only sacred book which comes with complete guidance in terms of spending one’s life. There are all sorts of rules and regulations in order to lead a balanced life. The Holy Book has mentioned all the teachings of God that a person must follow in order to be successful in the hereafter.

There is a mention of every topic in the Holy Book that a person has in mind; whether the topic is related to religion, politics, trading, food, habits, moral values, marriage life and anything and everything else. What a lot of people are unaware of is the fact that this Holy Book also has some verses which contain healing powers. These verses work like medicines for the ill ones.

The healing is not only referred to the healing of diseases and other physical problems, the healing also deals with the healing of the heart and making it love God more than anything else. Such verses are like prayers to be said by people in order to get guidance from God. The sick mentality of the people who are strayed from the straight path can also be cured with the recitation of the holy verses of Quran.

Similarly, such verses can also be heard instead of reading them. There are some people who are beginners and have difficulty in reading Arabic. For such people, there are Quran verses that can be heard and then learned. There are mp3 Quran CDs available in the markets easily. Such CDs and cassettes are a great help in learning the verses of Holy Quran and the pronunciation of the difficult words in that language.

Such people who get the guidance through these Quran mp3 CDs or by reading the Holy Book themselves definitely get their deserved rewards from the God in the hereafter. The recitation of this Holy book leads to many wonders in the life of people. Not just getting guidance, the people can also learn about living their lives with balance, having political rights, social and moral values and many other aspects can be understood by reading the translations of the verses of the holy book revealed for us.

If we have a detailed note about everything that the Holy Book has to teach us, we will notice that these verses and teachings will benefit us and no one else. There is nobody that would be benefited more than us as we are the ones reading the Holy Book, learning the Holy verses and then getting guidance from them. And ultimately, getting rewards in the hereafter. The Quran is nothing but guidance for all the people of the world. There has been a mention of everything a person must know in terms of living a balanced life in the Quran. It is the most read and learned book in the world. Thousands of people learn verses from the Holy Book on daily basis and millions of people read it every day. There is nothing but guidance and rewards in the reading and learning of this sacred book. Those who learn the whole book by heart are guided along with 10 members of their family. We are a blessed nation to have this book revealed for our guidance.

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