Quran And Its Meaning

The Qur’an indicates the complete status of Muslims, and that is to live, act, and live a good, chaste, and obedient life, especially following the commands of Allah. According to this, their ultimate goal is to live and will save after death. The Qur’an speaks of truth, the chart of life, and the constitution of the kingdom of heaven and earth.

The word derives from the Arabic language verb qara ‘, which means “he read” or “he recited.” However, the most important meaning of this word is “recitation process” based on the original Qur’anic verse: “It is for us to collect it and recite it.”

From here, Muslims derive the teachings that govern both the religious and daily affairs of their lives. This book contains Allah’s prophets and messengers’ documents and stories, which reveal what happened to them and the people from Adam to Muhammad.

The Qur’an is said to be the last revelation of God’s Word. Therefore, this book is the primary and absolute source of every Muslim’s belief and practice. This Bible shows the relationship between God and His children. Believers will learn wisdom, worship, beliefs, laws, and much more. It includes detailed teachings on having a just society, fair human behavior, and a fair economic system.

The purpose of this truth is to encourage man to live a life of peace, happiness, and love. God’s words will bring them out of darkness, hatred, anger, and despair. Finally, bring people to light and freedom of life. In return, those renewed will demonstrate their devotion by teaching their brothers memorization, recitation, and what they have learned and experienced.

It is the salvation of the Muslims. Each person in the next generation summarizes in their book their motivation, strength, courage, and desire to live. Like any other religion, we are steadfast in our belief in overcoming the hardships of life, walking through the rough roads in our path, and believing that there is peace at the end of every calamity. Those who believe in His Word will be victorious in the end.

The Qur’an is the most valuable book of the Arabs. If you want truth, love, and salvation, read, recite, memorize, and follow His teachings. If you know the purpose of your life here on earth, you are guaranteed to make life pleasant and rewarding.

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