Omar Al Kazabri Holy Quran Reciter

Omar Al Kazabri was a religious man, Imam, and reciter of the Holy Quran. He was born in 1974 in Morocco.

Omar was a religious role model for the people of Morocco.

Omar went through hardships on the way to success. When Omar turned 11, he learned the Holy Quran from his father, who was a renowned religious man of his time. The Father’s religious maturity helped Omar achieve more in younger age.

Omar continued his academics and did his high school degree from Lycee Moulay Youssouf school. Later, Omar travelled to Saudi Arabia for expanding his religious knowledge. In 1997 at Islamic Institute of Mecca, Omar focused on studying diverse subjects to expand his religious knowledge.

Due to his religious knowledge and academics, Omar earned the title of Imam at the holy mosque of Jeddah. Following the honor, Omar also arranged a public speech with Egyptian Sheikh Ahmad Al Maassarawi.

After 5 years of organizing his lecture, Omar decided to go back to his country, Morocco. Without holding any diploma, Omar was still aiming at high peeks and brought his religious luggage along with to Morocco.

Besides his journey, Omar went back to the Oulfa mosque in Casablanca, the mosque where he earned religious fame and prestige. Next, the Hassan II mosque played a vital role in his religious proficiency. People in a large number, used to attend Omar’s religious sessions in the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. He continued to gaining more knowledge and religious prosperity.

Omar didn’t attend media channels for preaching religion. He aimed at becoming Imam at the holy mosque of Mecca.

Besides all achievements, Omar was known for his conferences and speeches. He also reserved the nickname of Minbar nightingale.


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