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The Quran is a book that holds all the records of the words that were revealed from Allah to Prophet Muhammad SAWW through the angel Gabriel. It is the source that acts as a base for very Muslim in the world. It is the complete book that holds all the patience and the faith of a Muslim. The Quran deals with all the subject that is related to human and Muslims, for example, Wisdom, Worship, Law, Doctrine and social life. It shows the actual relation between Allah and his creations. The Quran not only teaches different lessons but also it guides the Muslim to live a proper life, to become a perfect human and to learn basic equitable principles. In short The Quran makes a perfect human. The Quran also reveals the greatness of Allah and his Prophet SAWW. It reveals the life and the path of Allah’s Messenger SAWW.

The Quran shows the complete guidance through which Muslims can not only be obedient to Allah but also teaches Muslim how to live a chaste, abundant and good life. It teaches how a Muslim can gain salvation in not only this world but in the Akhiret too. It acts as a chart of life for every Muslim and it is the key to success on the Doomsday. The Quran is the source of eternal contemporary for Muslims. Every Muslim generation has found many new sources of courage, strength and inspiration from The Quran.

Allah has promised the security of the Quran and not a single word has ever been changed in it. The Quran teaches Muslim a new phase of life and has generated a fresh character in every Muslim. The Quran deserves to be praised as it has not only explained the greatness of Allah but also has explained the true relation between creator and his creations. It has explained the power, the knowledge and the sovereignty of Allah. It has explained that – there is no God but Allah, he is the creator of the universe, he has created heaven and hell, and he is very kind to his obedient servants. It is The Quran which changed the simple shepherds of Arab to a well educated nation and they were able to build many empires and were able to discover new things in this world.

Because of the popularity of The Quran more people of different languages and countries download the mp3 format of The Quran and learn through it what Allah wants to tell them. More and more translation is available regarding The Quran and it is strange that no one has courage to change a single word of The Quran.

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