saud al shuraim

Shaikh saud al shuraim is one of the imams of the Majestic Mosque (Masjid al-Haram) in Mecca. His family is from the Haraqees of the Banu Zayd community of Saudi Arabia. He studied basic at Areen schools, then the mid school at the Modern school then high school at Al Yarmouk North. He graduated from high school in 1983. Then went toward college of `Usool ud Din` on Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic School in Riyadh, in the “Aqeedah plus Modern Madhahib” department, from wherever he graduated in 1988. Then he went on in 1989 to the “Ma’had Al-‘aali Lilqadhah” institution and received a Master’s degree in 1992.

saud al shuraim was hired as a teacher in “Ma’had Al-‘aali Lilqadhah” in 1410 AH (1989). In 1991, he was prepared Imam plus Khateeb of Masjid al-Haram through the order of Custodian of the Two Blessed Harams, King Fahad bin AbdulAzeez Al-Saud. In 1992, through Royal order, he was selected judge in the High law court of Mecca. In 1993, the High endorsement was made for him toward teach in the Holy Masjid. In 1995, he trailed the Doctorate degree in the Umm Al-Qura School of Makkah. Sheikh saud al shuraim is a memoriser of the Qur’an (a Hafiz) plus is well known for his profound voice and smooth recital style.

saud al shuraim was born in Aryad, Saudi Arabia in 1966. He graduated from the School of Al Imam Mohamed Ben Saud as well as then joined the High institution of Magistracy.

Shuraim’s tutors were as well-known as Sheikh Abdelaziz Ben Baz, Abdallah Ben Okail, Abderrahmane El Berrak, Abdallah Al Jabrayn,  and Abdelaziz Errajhi as well as other.

In 1992, Saud Ash Shuraym was selected by the King of Saudi Arabia Imam plus Priest (Khatib) of the Blessed Mosque. He was also chosen as a judge in the Saudian High Court.

saud al shuraim became a instructor in Compartive Religious conviction at Umm Al Qurra School in 2009. His beautiful recital of the Quran is esteemed by millions round the world.

In one of the Arabic Talks he was asked around “what is the secret behindhand your success?”. He replied that his Mother’s prayer as well as the support of his wife was the cause for his continuous accomplishment.

saud al shuraim is also recognized as a researcher in Fiqh plus he follows the Hanbali madhhab. He is a magistrate and a writer who has composed numerous books on Aqidah, fiqh, and Arabic verse.
saud al shuraim  leads the Taraweeh prayers throughout Ramadan in Mecca since 1991. He also controlled the Salat al-Janazah (burial prayer) for late Crest Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz on 17 June 2012 afterward Maghrib (sunset) prayer. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia plus the royal families were existing at this funeral. His voice has been extensively recorded and is globally distributed by numerous mediums.

Sheikh Shuraim’s voice plus academic accomplishments gave him a control as he is one of the imams plus khateeb (person who conveys the sermon) of the outstanding mosque in Mecca. In 2005, he was granted Islamic persona of the year at the Dubai Worldwide Holy Quran rewards.

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