To Be a Good Muslim

good Muslim

As a Muslim, you may want to improve your relationship with your God or keep burning the flames of your faith or stay away from a sinner completely, but you don’t know. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Below are few steps that can help you improve your religious beliefs and transform you into a good Muslim.

Educate yourself

To be a good Muslim, you need to know about Islam. Hazrat Muhammad Muhammad said: “It is obligatory on every Muslim and sect to seek knowledge.” So, start participating in da’wah and sermons and keep reading the Holy Quran and Islamic material. Without the correct Islamic teaching, you cannot differentiate between halal (halal) and haram (haram). What is the duty, and what is the Sunnah? Therefore, good Islamic knowledge is the most important element of your journey to becoming a good Muslim.

Know Allah

Their guardians do not know the Lord by name alone but by knowledge. Know that He is the Mighty, the Knowing, the Seer. Know that Allah is Merciful (He can forgive your sins when you ask Him for forgiveness), and at the same time, when you make a mistake, He is in severe torment. Knowing Allah and His attributes will help you to think and act better.

Believe in Allah

Belief in Allah is the first step in the faith of Muslims. It regulates the attitude of Muslims towards committing sins. To be a good Muslim, Every Muslim must believe that Allah exists, that He is your Creator, and that He sees all your actions. If you believe that God is your Creator, Designer, and Sustainer, then you will love and fear Him, and it will translate into your character.

Believe in the Hereafter

Belief in the Hereafter is one of the six pillars of Islam. To be a good person and Muslim, you have to believe that the Hereafter is real and appears soon. Believing that the Day of Judgment is real and is coming soon will make you a good Muslim because you always think before committing any sin.

Fear Allah

Beware of the command of your God, for that is your absolute power. As a good Muslim, you must be careful not to violate the will of your God. Fear meeting Allah on the Day of Resurrection, and always keep Allah in your mind before doing any action or observing. Fear Allah: By carefully considering his actions and not doing them, you will become a good Muslim.

Believe in destiny

Believing in destiny is one of the six disciplines of faith. So, if you want to be a good Muslim, you have to rely on destiny – both good and bad. Believe it is from your Creator, and He has predicted it for you. And if you accept and endure it, believe that ease and reward will be your reward.

Pray constantly

Prayer is the only communication between you and your God and to become a good Muslim. You have to pray to your God. “Worship the Lord your God” and send your affairs to Him through your prayers. Protect yourself from evil and worldly tribulations from Allah.

Keep patient

Do not refrain from praying or worshiping, or doing anything that will bring you closer to your Lord. Be patient. To be a good Muslim, you need to be calm and patient in all your endeavors.

As a good Muslim, it is necessary to know Islam, Allah, His Messenger, the Prophet of Islam, and constant prayer and perseverance. Maintaining these qualities will enhance your status as a good Muslim and enhance your position in the Hereafter.

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