Fares Abad

Fares Abad Mohammed Abbad, is a Yemeni Cheikh who is measured as one of the most noticeable Quran Readers. as well as being involved as an Imam in Ali bin Abi Talib mosque, which is situated in Doha Region in the east of Saudi Arabia. His melodious voice is very famous in Almajd Channel TV, wherever he’s presently working.
Fares Abad was born in Yemeni Capital; Sanaa in April, 12th on 1980, he is the second kid of his parent, and a Dad of 3 boys and a girl.
His concern in the Holy Quran has started meanwhile Fares Abad was a tiny kid. therefor he’s educated it by heart in numerous schools at Sanaa’s Town. and he was graduated over the typical assemblies. which took place in Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque wherever he was accompanied through the elder Cheikhs. for example the Cheikh Fadl Morad who taught him the technique of narrating the Quran. The Cheikhs who had influenced him were much known in the islamic domain, like Abdul Basit Abdul Samad plus Mohamed Al Mohisni.
His talent of narrating the Quran started to be recognized, and his voice awestruck many persons. as it was a blend of disconcerting and respect. as an outcome, he started as an Imam of Tarawih devotions, in Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque on 1994, plus continued so for 7 years.
And effortlessly, his fame started increasing around the Islamic world over the huge number of his audio footages. most particularly, the entire Quran narrated on 2003, which was backed by the Qadaissia Archives company. and played a enormous role in the publication of his presentations, as said by Fares Abad. he also recorded a whole version of Quran, the chant legitimacy plus the poem “Nounia Al Qahtani”. that is composed of Eight hundred stanzas, which was narrated by his own voice. In adding to that, he recorded the Outline of Ibn Al Qayem (the Paradise Explanation), “The possession spell”, ”The day 2 sides reminders”, and “The magic spell”. Besides his registering of some technical texts. he’s presently getting ready toward issue “The fortress of Muslim” through a new viewpoint.
The Cheikh Fares Abad expended many years in Saudi Arabia wherever he led the muslim prayers in Ali Ibn Taleb Mosque in Dhahran Urban for two years beginning on 2006. after that he moved toward Ajman in the United Arab Emirates.
He’s presently working as Quran Reciter in Almajd TV. His first television Interview was directed in May 2011, over a program named “the Quran” which was aired in Sharjah UAE Channel.
The great Sheikh Fares Abad has a delightful and melodious voice which permits him to make conferences and Islamic “Jalssatte”, in the presence of tens of authentic interested people in his personal experience, as well as interesting opinions concerning subjects of significant prominence. Hence, these conferences prepared Sheikh Fares Abad a real superstar and talent. Indeed, his Quranic recitals are a genuine coherence.
Numerous web sites plus TV channels spread tunes and creations of Sheikh Fares Abad, also radio stations. All of this creates of the great Sheikh Fares Abbad a gentleman with honest high status.

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