Charity Apart From Zakat


Islam teaches us the lesson of helping the poor and needy in times of need when they are most deprived of what is otherwise the necessities of life. In the Quran, Allah (SWT) has given Zakat in different places. The importance of has been mentioned, but at the same time, the word charity has been used as an important task that we should each do now.

Zakat. Besides, charity is just as important. However, Zakat is an act of worship and has to be performed by people eligible to pay Zakat. Charity is optional, but if given, it is ‘Ahsan,’ which means that it is pleasing to Allah Almighty.

Humanity’s purpose is to do social work and help other creatures of God besides worshiping God. When people are helped without expecting a reward, God loves them the most, and it is great for those who show humility. He says in the Qur’an:

There is nothing good in most of their secrets. But if someone insists on charity or justice or reconciliation between men (secrecy is permissible): whoever does this seeks the pleasure of Allah. I am we will be soon. ” Reward the most (value). (Surat an-Nisa ‘)

If you do something good, you should stop boasting about it because goodness dies in it and the whole process becomes compromised.

Through charity and deeds, one’s property is blessed, and as the verse states, if it is done to seek sustenance, then Allah Almighty rewards the giver with many benefits.

May Allah help us understand that He has blessed us to do the deeds pleasing to Him. The Qur’an Online is a place available on the Internet where one can learn how to recite the Qur’an through the Internet.

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