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Islam is the religion for humanity, and as a Muslim, it’s an obligation to believe in the fact. Our Lord created us and sent us to the world, not in vain but with a guideline to spend life on Earth. We believe that the Holy Quran provides us a complete policy for every aspect of our lives. All we need to spend some time gaining knowledge of the Book of Allah.

In the modern world, we are out of time, and the recourses are infinite to get knowledge. However, the authentic and unauthentic mashups make it much difficult than before. It’s like spotting a needle in the ocean. Secondly, the shortage of time, we have lots to do on our list that causes reluctance towards the Holy Quran.

TrueMuslims.Net is a platform that works hard to bring you closer to the Quran using the latest technologies. Their versatile and engaging applications are free to download and need a single click procedure to download on your laptop/pc, android mobile, or iPhone.

Ultimately you will have it on your laptop/pc. It will make it convenient for you to spend some time while doing your work or breaks.

Exceptional Features:

TrueMuslims.Net  provides you Best Quran windows application that helps keep you connected to the Words of Allah.

1. 52 Languages:

It’s a great collection of Quran MP3 translations in 52 languages. It’s the best Quran MP3 Microsoft application that plays well on your Pc/Laptop. Moreover, the translations are authentic and keenly selected with the best possible sound quality. Only you have to do is to choose the language of your choice and play the recordings. TrueMuslims.Net has done a remarkable job in collecting and compiling the work with perfection.

2. 55 reciters:

There are seven dialects of the Quran, and there are many Reciters. Everyone has their favorite reciters. Here you can easily play different reciters and find the full recording with clear and high-quality sound. Some reciters recommended for a good

3. High Quality:

All MP3 records are errorless, and there is no lagging in the phase. Often high-quality recordings need takes up a lot of space but keeping them online helps save memory. You can download high-quality Mp3 recordings, or you can listen online.

5. Compatible windows:

Your device should have at least the following features to match the compatible device.

OS:     windows 8 mobile 

Architecture:     x86, x64, ARM, ARM64

Touch:    integrated

Price: Free to download

7. Azan timings:

Salah is the central pillar of Islam, and it’s an obligation on all Muslims to offer prayer on time. There is no excuse for delaying prayers. Therefore TrueMuslims.Net has perfected an app that reminds you of Salah time using azan as a reminder. Now, wherever you are or whatever you are doing, it will remind you and help you become a true Muslim. 

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