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WordPress is the most famous CMS and is used by 33.5% of all the websites online. Many Muslim WordPress website owners want to offer their users a great experience of listening to the Holy Quran, especially when it’s multi-language and audio in the Arabic language.

If your website or blog is in WordPress CMS and you want to add mp3 Holy Quran on it, you can now add a whole Quran to your website without doing any coding.

Today, we’re here with the WordPress plugins Mp3 Quran that will perfectly fulfill your needs. Mp3 Quran is the first WordPress English plugin by TrueMuslims.Net. This plugin displays a playlist of mp3 audio to understand the meaning of the Quran in English.

Mp3 Quran plugin is entirely free for use on any WordPress website. The plugin has around 52 Languages translation of the Quran and 54 Reciters. The WordPress admin can install any language or reciter for the website user.

How to install Mp3 Quran?

Here are the simple steps to add a great Quran mp3 WordPress plugin to your site.

Step 1: Log in to the WordPress of your WordPress site.

Step 2: Next, find the plugin option on the admin panel’s left menu and click on plugins > Add New.

Step 3: type “Mp3 Quran Translations In 52 languages” and click search plugins. 

Holy Quran Translations In 52 languages and 54 different reciters by TrueMuslims.Net plugin will show on listing.

Step 4: Then click on “install now.”

Step 5: After the plugin gets installed, Activate the plugin by click on the “Activate Plugin button.”

Step 6: Create a new page with the title (you can change the title of the page)

Step 7: Go to Mp3 Quran from the menu.

Step 8: Copy yellow code like this: [ mp3Quran ] * [ /mp3Quran ] and past this code in your post or page content area and click publish. 

That’s it, you have done. Now preview your page.
Plugin Installation example website: https://mp3-quran.com/quran-english/

In case of any issue or error please report us [email protected]
WordPress Plugin url:- https://wordpress.org/plugins/mp3-quran/


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