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Quran is the last sacred book sent for humanity. Holy Quran is a complete guide for believers who ponder over its teachings. Therefore it’s a personal obligation for us to recite it with thorough understanding. Thorough understanding demands comprehension. Consequently, listening to the Quran with translation is a way to comprehend the essence of the Holy Quran’s verses.

Unfortunately, we live in a world of knowledge, but busiest schedules drag us away from spending time on holy books. But as said, when there is a will, there’s out. In the modern age of technology, mobile applications made daily tasks much organized and accessible. The latest applications made it possible for us to carry whole Quran recordings with recorded translation in many languages. All you have to do is to get the right application for your mobile. 

This iOS MP3 Quran application is a way to bring you closer to the book of Allah. You don’t have to roam around in various books and records to find specific information. You can easily download this application from the apple store.

Key Features of the iOS application:

52 languages translation in Mp3: excels in providing high quality with clear recordings of translation of Quran verses in multiple languages. Either you understand Arabic, or not there is no issue in understanding the words of Allah. Even though it’s enormous data available, there is almost no error in recordings, and the sound quality is quite impressive.

55 famous reciters:

There are 55 reciters’ recordings available online, and it won’t stuff your memory. The player is very smooth, without any lagging or disturbance. High-quality recordings of the complete Quran is available on¬†TrueMuslims.Net.

All reciters Quran recording are complete and error-free. 

Easy navigation:

Mp3 player is of good quality does not keep on hanging. You can quickly reverse, forward, and pause at any instance. You can also choose a looping option while playing the records according to your needs. The navigation keys are subtle and even sensitive and promptly reactive.

Azan and Salah timings:

Salah is the most important and second pillar of Islam, and its reward is maximum when offered on time. Azan reminders and Salah timings are available in this app and work according to the GPs location. Now wherever you are, you will know the right time for Salah. Either you are in a Muslim country or European countries where hardly you hear Azan. This application on mobile will remind using Azan about the Salah time. 

Feedback Section:

You can also update the developers of the application with their feedback section. If there is any error or a suggestion, you can send them feedback, and they promptly follow-up on your complaints.

Compatible devices:

The devices that are compatible with the application are iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. are professional and dedicated providers of Islamic Softwares that provide the best applications for your android, iOS, and Microsoft.

Apple Store link for Quran App:-


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