Reciting the Quran

The Qur’an is the religious book of the Muslims, and it was revealed to the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by the angel Gabriel (Gabriel) over 23 years. Muslims believe that the Qur’an and other books revealed to prophets such as Jesus have not changed in any way since its revelation, which Moses (peace be upon him) and Jesus (peace be upon him) call Muslims ۔

Muslims believe that the Qur’an is the word of God (Allah), and reciting it brings many rewards to those who recite it and those who listen to it. Allah commands Muslims to recite the Qur’an in a beautiful voice with the correct pronunciation. It takes many years to be perfect and a lifetime for others because there are hundreds of principles to follow. It is also important to read the Qur’an with the correct pronunciation because otherwise, the meanings of the Quran will change.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said, “The best of you is the one who has learned the Qur’an and taught it to others.” And “O people of the Qur’an, do not rely on the Qur’an, do not be lazy and careless, and recite the Qur’an day and night as is the right of recitation. That is, recite it with a good voice …”

Muslims are encouraged to memorize the entire Qur’an. If people cannot memorize the entire Qur’an, they will need to memorize a few short chapters that are a little too long to recite during their five daily prayers, which is obligatory. Are

Muslims are also encouraged to understand the meaning and consider what the Quran said. It is better to recite the Qur’an when you know its meaning, especially during prayers, when the person praying can pay more attention to his prayers.

There are about twenty famous reciters globally, the most popular being Qari Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, followed by Sheikh Saad Al Ghamdi.

You can listen to some great recitations of the Qur’an on Islamic website. Listen to Saad Al-Ghamdi’s recitation.

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