Adhan in Islam

Adhan is an Arabic word meaning “to call or tell.” In religious terms, adhan means sacred words that inform Muslims about the time of prayer. The person who says the adhan is called a “Mujzun.” The call to prayer is called five times a day so that Muslims can perform the five obligatory prayers. The call to prayer in Islam is a formal invitation to congregational prayers. Collective prayers are held in a mosque. According to the teachings of Islam, the call to prayer should be asked before every prayer. The purpose of the call to prayer is to make the Muslims living in the vicinity aware that prayers have come and they should make proper preparations. Adhan is an essential part of the Muslim faith.

The Adhan (Adhan of Dua) ​​bears witness to the Oneness of Allah, which confirms the end of Prophethood of Muhammad (SAW), which also highlights the importance of the five daily prayers. Adhan is a reminder of what is important in life, and for Muslims, Allah is the most important and great. As soon as the Muslims hear the call to prayer, they must seize it and respond to Allah’s call for their sake.

Therefore, one should respect the call to prayer, listen to it till it is over, refrain from engaging in any work, accept the invitation given by the call to prayer and go to the mosque to offer prayers. Muslims should need to repeat the words of the Azan while listening to the call to prayer.

Adhan is an Islamic way of calling people to prayer, and it is also a means of reminding Muslims of their very religious duty to pray. The call to prayer also describes the entire Islamic faith, respects God Almighty, and last but not least, consultation as the best means of success.

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