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Allah revealed the Quran on Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) on Arab land. Therefore the language of the Quran in Arabic. However, Islam is the religion of Allah, and Quran is the last Holy book sent for humanity. It becomes necessary for all believers to read and comprehend the Quran with translations. Once you understand what you are reading, you can apply its teachings in practical life. Therefore Quran translation is vital for non-Arabs to attain the best possible comprehension of the Holy Quran.

Moreover, it’s a miracle of the Quran that whenever you read it or listen to, you feel like that specific verse is for you only. Therefore it’s recommended to listen to Quran verses silently and ponder upon their essence. The problem in our century is a shortage of time and unsettled schedules. Consequently, we are reluctant to fix a specific time for Quran recitations, listening, and comprehensions. Our Lord has promised the persistence of the Quran till the last generation without any flaw. There are many mobile applications and software that help you get in touch with the Quran in a routine.

Last night, while researching the Quran and Quran translation in other languages, I found a great website about Quran translation. The site is I found there the Quran in many languages and the voice of many reciters. has many features on the website. I found the below main features in the website

  • 1- Quran Mp3 in more than fifty languages translation
  • 2- Quran mp3 in the voice of fifty-five reciters
  • 3- Mobile applications for all smart mobiles like Android, iOS, and Windows Mobiles

TrueMuslims.Net developed a complete Holy Quran android application in which you can find fifty-five reciters and Quran translation in fifty languages. All famous reciters are available there, and almost all languages are available in the Android Application.

In the android application, the Azan feature is also available. In this feature, you can on / off azan alarms. This feature will alert you about Prayer time as per your local time.

Below are the two versions of the Android application on google play store.

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