Yasser Al Dossari


Yasser Al Dossari whose complete name is Yasser Ben Rashed Ben Hassine Al Dossari, is an imam plus Saudi Sheik, gifted with a real tunes, native of Saudi Arabia. Yasser Al Dossari is moreover a famed reciter of Holy quoran, plus it at the national plus international level.

Yasser Al Dossari is right now an imam of the called Mosque the Mosque Dakhil in the area of Ryad in Saudi Arabia. Customer of an excellent and harmonious voice, Yasser Al Dossari attracts a big number of priors , in specific during the saints harms of the month topped Ramadan.

Yasser Al Dossari held the diploma of High school certificate of the faculty of Chariâ in Ryad. then the called university the Imam Mohammed Ben Saoud school. We also credited to this last one the Master’s degree in Koranic disciplines and study requires of Saint Coran. At this instant there, the thoughts of young Yasser Al Dossari traded toward take scale, plus to come true little by little.

Nowadays, Yasser Al Dossari is right now spirit toward finish his higher teaching in the Islamic faculty of Imam Mohamed Ben Saoud. Yasser Al Dossari inhabits at the same time the function the administrator dress rehearsal of the association of the prince Sultan Ben Abd El Azziz. and that so as to learn the Saint Coran toward those who desire, plus make him narrate in front of the maximum experimented.

He is moreover member of the Saudi association of Saint Coran, he dedicated in the analysis, plus member of the Saudi association of the Islamic studies ” Daouiya “. His associative action does not quality it here .

Actually, Yasser Al Dossari is moreover associate of the association of Saudi El fiqh. His purposes quantity to pass on to the additional one the way. The manners to narrate Saint Coran, book of our big God Allah, as well as give him a sufficient divine value.

At the level of his private lifetime, Yasser Al Dossari is wedded to Walida, plus has had further to this wedding three children.

Yasser Al Dossari accomplished remembering the Quran at the age of 15. And his talent seemed in reading the Quran remarkably. His fresh voice was testified through the experts of Quran, similar Sheikh Bakri Tarabshi, plus Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar. And as a matter of fact, he issued a quantity of audio tapes which comprises the Quran Taraweeh prayer, 51 Qur’anic form. plus 6 varied ones.

Yasser Al Dossari took the part of an Imam in a quantity of mosques, for example Dakhli Mosque in Riyadh. Where he leads an enormous numbers of prayers. In adding to that, he was asked to lead the prayers in additional countries. for example UAE, Egypt, Switzerland Bahrain, and the Czech Republic.
He gave amounts of lectures and speeches, in manifold Conferences, plus TV-Radio Channels.

Yasser Al Dossari engaged other responsibilities, as he is a member in the King Saoud University. The Worldwide Europe Symposium of Muslim Youth, plus other Islamic association. As an outcome of his achievement, he was chosen as one of the most powerful figures in the community.

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