Omar Al Kazabri


Omar Al Kazabri, well-known religious man, was born in 1974 in Morocco. More exactly in Marackech, in the Anti-Atlas. He furthermore signifies, to all Moroccan Muslims. a recommendation in religion while needed, in terms of recital and knowledge. Omar Al Kazabri, is so a mythical imam and reciter.

Though, before reaching the topmost of success, he has gone over a hard road. At the age of 11 years old, the small Omar Al Kazabri educated and learned the Holy Quran through ease because of his dad’s help. who was himself a large amateur of whatever concerns the Muslim faith. He certainly helped his son attain what he might not accomplish as a young man.

Also, Omar Al Kazabri decided toward continue his educations with resolve and optimism. until he gets his high school degree on “Lycee Moulay Youssouf” high school, through a good distinction that gratified his expectations. Later, Omar Al Kazabri decided toward travel to Saudi Arabia to endure his Islamic studies plus obtain a better learning of the Islamic sciences.  To extend more his knowledge, Omar Al Kazabri aided diverse courses in 1997 at the Islamic institution of the holy city, Mecca.

By attaining all these experiences, he consequently was called imam of the well-known mosque of the school, situated in Jedda in Saudi Arabia. In this vein, Omar Al Kazabri planned publicly a big lecture because of the help of the excessive Egyptian Sheik Ahmed Al Maâssarawi. handling the topic of the accomplishment of the last ten recitals; plus all this, took place in Egypt.

After this growing and visible achievement, Omar Al Kazabri decided to finally return to his country of origin, Morocco. five years after the organization of his special lecture. Unfortunately, his return to Morocco, was without any diploma, but his expectations and his hope did not make him vulnerable. he brought with him a huge luggage of Islamic and Quranic experience of outstanding use.

Besides, Omar Al Kazabri went back to the Oulfa Mosque in Casablanca in Morocco, where he reached great popularity, prestige and fame. After this short career, the Hassan II Mosque was a marvelous experience for him, wherever he became a fable and a perfect proficient. Due to all these details, hundreds of persons have attended his sessions at the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. His makings do not cease from rising and prospering. Finally, Omar Al Kazabri’s the well-known nickname has converted the nightingale of the Minbar.

Because of his growing reputation, his chant not merely was launched in numerous TV channels, web sites, for example ours, Islamzoom, however also at numerous radio stations as well. Omar Al Kazabri’s largest dream is to show his presentations and his potentials at the excessive Mosque of the Holy city, Mecca, plus become an imam above there. He would like furthermore to make a related conference. Just like the ones he prepared, here, in Morocco, in his Mosque, which signify the excessive Mosque of Morocco.

Omar Al Kazabri is furthermore known for his exciting conferences plus speeches. He is nicknamed the Minbar nightingale.


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